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Shoalhaven Memorial Gardens Chapel

Hints & Tips on Making Presentations


A computer operating on Windows 10 is used for multimedia playback. Software is installed to handle most common digital video and audio including
  • Standard Audio CD
  • Standard video/ audio DVD

  • MEPG 2 and MPEG 4 (Divx/ Xvid) files from

    • an ISO formatted DVD or CD data disk

    • a USB 2 compliant “Flash” memory stick.

    • Using a USB2 Flash memory stick is recommended- save your slideshow as an MPG format file on your USB flash memory stick. 

    • A trial of the presentation is recommended prior to the event to make sure all images and music play smoothly.  Please call 02 4429 5788 to make an appointment to trial your presentation with the Chapel Concierge.

Making Your Presentation

    Video Format: The video slide show you prepare should conform with the following:

Scanning images- the screens are large format plasmas, so ensure that you scan your images at higher resolutions. We recommend 300dpi. Lower resolutions may not look that good on screen.  PLEASE NOTE  - presentations should not be prepared in PowerPoint and then placed in MovieMaker or other software as this can cause images to jump and reorder when showing.  Place slides directly into MovieMaker or other software to prepare presentation.

Software – be careful when using Windows MovieMaker. It defaults to rendering low quality images more suitable to internet webcasts than quality presentations. It may also default to the NTSC (American) video standard, not the AUSTRALIAN one which is PAL. Be sure to set its minimum output to 720 pixels wide, 16:9 (wide Screen) aspect and PAL.  Other software that you may wish to try which provide ease of use and quality rendering of video files, include or

Audio (Music) - please incorporate the music you want with the slideshow, i.e. make it the audio track on the slideshow. It will help to ensure that your slideshow runs smoothly at the service.

Transitions- Remember- people will be far more interested in the pictures than exploding 3D transitions between slides!  And above all, avoid using “random” transitions. Use ONE type of transition only.  For the type of slideshow shown at a funeral service, a simple crossfade works the best. It is easier on the viewer.

Timing – try and keep the slideshow below five minutes duration.  After that, the attention spans start to diminish and people will begin to lose focus.

Video Resolution- Rendering your slideshow at a video resolution of 720px X 576px is recommended.

Aspect Ratio – the plasma displays are wide screen, commonly known as 16:9 aspect ratio. Standard computer and television screen are 4:3 aspect. It is recommended that you make your slideshow in 16:9 aspect. If your slideshow is 4:3 be sure to check the settings on the Chapel plasma displays prior to the service.

Deinterlacing - If your software asks whetherthe video should be interlaced or deinterlaced, choose deinterlaced.

Click here for more information about video resolutions .

Online tutorials

Make your slideshows 16:9 Aspect Ratio, 720pixels X 576pixels, 25 fps (PAL) and render as mpeg 2 (mpg) or mpeg4 (mp4).



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