What is an Interment Right?

Most people refer an Interment Right as a "Cemetery Reservation" or a "Reserving a Cemetery Plot".

An Interment Right is a written undertaking by the Shoalhaven City Council (Council) to grant its Holder exclusive access to the burial place described in the Right.

The person to whom an Interment Right has been issued is called the “Holder”.

An Interment Right is part of one’s estate. So if the Holder dies, the Interment Right can be claimed by the beneficiaries of the estate.

However, it is important to understand that the Interment Right does not give to Holder any equity or property holding in the cemetery. There is no ownership of "the plot" or cemetery land. It is a Right that provides conditional access to the specified burial place.

When someone’s body is buried or immured in accordance with the provision of an Interment Right, the Right is deemed to be exercised. The Right then devolves to the estate of the deceased interred or immured in the burial place. The Applicant for the interment or immurement is deemed to represent the estate. Further instructions allowed by the Right may be issued by the estate's representative.

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