How to arrange a cremation for someone who has passed away.

It is generally best  to consult a funeral director when you need to arrange someone's cremation. Funeral directors are listed in your local Yellow Pages.

The advantage of using a funeral director is that they should know what legal, policy, procedural and local requirements need to be complied with.

However, as a general guide, cremation in New South Wales is regulated under the Public Health Act and its regulations. For more  information, click here.

There are also industry protocols, which determine the nature and content of coffins destined for cremation. Notably there is an Agreement between the Australasian Cemeteries & Crematoria Association (ACCA) and the Australian Funeral Directors Association. Shoalhaven City Council is a member of ACCA and requires coffins to comply with the Agreement.

Additionally, anyone carrying out a service, including the arranging of cremation service, at the Shoalhaven Crematorium (Worrigee) must agree to do so in accordance with the Shoalhaven City Council's policies.   The forms that need to be completed under the Regulation and the Shoalhaven City Council's policies are available by clicking here.

After cremation, it is a requirement to arrange for the final disposition of the ashes. Final disposition can be effected by interring and commemorating the ashes.

If you need more information about cremation,the Cemeteries & Crematoria Association of New South Wales, of which Shoalhaven City Council is a member, provides a number of frequently asked questions and answers on its web site.  Click here to visit the CCANSW FAQ pages....



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