Cremation Forms



 In New South Wales cremation is regulated under the Public Health Regulation (Disposal of Bodies) 2012, under the Public Health Act of NSW. For statutory and regulatory requirements please refer to the comprehensive information available at the NSW Health's website.

If you need to schedule a cremation service at the Shoalhaven Memorial Gardens and Lawn Cemetery, please contact Shoalhaven Bereavement Services office to ascertain available times, and in the case of memorial sites availability.  You may then wish to complete one of the attached forms to make application.

Download this file (12c_Application_Interment_Right_Gardens_and_Memorial_Walls_NEW_BLANK.pdf)12c_Application_Interment_Right_Gardens_and_Memorial_Walls_NEW_BLANK.pdf[ ]157 kB
Download this file (12e_Application_Final_Placement_NEW_BLANK.pdf)12e_Application_Final_Placement_NEW_BLANK.pdf[ ]156 kB
Download this file (12g_Application_Final_Placement_Attendance_Service_BLANK.pdf)12g_Application_Final_Placement_Attendance_Service_BLANK.pdf[Application to Attend at Time of Placement]1781 kB
Download this file (20_Application - disinter and remove ashes from cemetery (Blank).pdf)Application to Disinter and Remove Ashes from Cemetery[Application to remove cremated remains from a memorial garden or burial plot in a cemetery.]2095 kB



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