What has to happen to the ashes?

The person who applied to have the body of a loved one cremated (Applicant) is required to issue instructions for the final disposition of the ashes. The Applicant can provide written, signed and dated authority for another person to make the arrangements on their behalf.  Final Disposition is the  arrangements that are made to have the ashes interred, immured or scattered at their final resting place. It is a requirement under the Public Health Regulations of NSW.

What options are there for Final Disposition?

Commemoration in a Cemetery

In the Shoalhaven, the Lawn Cemetery & Memorial Gardens at Worrigee, Sandridge Memorial Gardens at Mollymook, West Cambewarra Cemetery and Kangaroo Valley Cemetery have gardens where ashes can be interred and walls suitable for immurement. Please contact Shoalhaven Bereavement Services for more information.

The ashes can be interred and commemorated with a plaque in memorial gardens that are a feature in many cemeteries.

Ashes can also be interred in graves. For example if your family has a grave in a local cemetery it may be possible to arrange for the interment of the ashes in the same plot.
Some cemeteries have columbarium or niche walls in which ashes can be immured and commemorated with a plaque or it might be allowed to scatter the ashes in a cemetery or memorial garden.  You should contact the authority that manages the cemetery you choose for details, conditions and prices.

If you intend to scatter the ashes in a place or on a water way you should contact the relevant authority to check that you won't be in breach of any law or regulation.

Collecting the ashes

Ashes can be collected from the crematorium. Be aware that the ashes can only be released to the person who applied for the cremation (Applicant) or the Applicant can provide a written, signed and dated authority for another person to collect on their behalf. Please refer to the "Collecting Ashes" pamphlet for more information.



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