Collecting the Ashes from the Crematorium

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Should you wish to collect the ashes rather than inter and commemorate them in a Cemetery, you may do so 72 hours after the service. Please contact the Shoalhaven Bereavement Services office between 8.30 am to 4.30 pm Monday to Friday on 02 4429 5788 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at least one working day prior to collection so that staff are available to assist you on arrival. 

Who can collect the ashes?
The ashes will only be released to the person who applied (the Applicant) for the cremation or the Executor of the deceased's estate.

How do I know if I am the Applicant?
The Applicant for the cremation is the person who signed the Public Health Department's "Application for Cremation with Statutory Declaration" Form, which is completed when a cremation is first arranged with the help of a Funeral Director.

I need to send someone else to collect the ashes
if someone else is going to collect the ashes on behalf of the Applicant, they must have a written authority from the Applicant. The written authority must clearly state

  • the full name and residential address of the person who has been delegated to collect the ashes
  • the full name and residential address of the applicant
  • the delegation must state the full name, date of death and last address of the deceased whose remains are being collected.
  • the Applicant must sign and date the delegated authority.
  • the person being delegated may need to establish their identity when they come to collect the ashes.

How are the ashes contained?

The ashes are contained in a standard plastic cremation urn that is rectangular in shape. The urn, measuring 255mm X 150mm X 125mm, is labelled with a certificate identifying the cremated remains. Generally we will also attach the name plate that was on the coffin to the urn. Please note that occasionally the name plate may not be available to be returned.


When you come to collect the ashes, the urn will be placed into carry bag for ease of transport.  There is no fee for the collection of ashes.

Can I have a special or decorative urn?
We have access to a wide range of urns and small memento urns. Some are on display at our office. Please ask.

Should you choose a non standard urn the fees applicable to this purchase will be payable for the urn selected.  There is no fee payable for decanting into urns purchased at Shoalhaven Bereavement Services.

I want to supply my own urn. Will you decant the ashes into it?

Yes we are able to assist, however there is a fee payable for the decanting of ashes.



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