Cremation including a Garden Memorial


You can arrange for cremation including interment of the ashes and commemoration, all at the same time; Council will provide for the cremation, the memorial garden burial licence and cast bronze plaque for one inclusive fee.

Please note the offer is conditional; it only applies when the cremation service is scheduled between  8:30am and 4:30pm Monday to Friday, public holidays excluded. It is only available at the time the cremation is scheduled. The cast bronze plaque (120mm X 120mm) provides for up to  eight lines of inscription and one flat cast motif from our clip art library.  The offer is not available once the cremation has been carried out.

The fee may be further discounted when combined with the special provisions for direct services Monday to Thursday.

The surviving spouse  or partner can obtain the adjoining burial licence for a reduced fee, subject to conditions. Future plaque & placement fees may apply.


 Please don't hesitate to contact the Bereavement Services office during business hours for further details.



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