Epitaphs (2)

Anne Hewitt

Died 1st September 1984

Here lieth the body of

My lovely dear wife Anne

Who plays the Poker Machines

whenever she can.


James Thomas Hewitt

Died 15th July 1988

Here lie the bones

They call him uncle jim

He sits here and drinks

While she puts his money in.

(From adjacent graves in Helensburg Cemetery, NSW)

Here lies

Johnny Yeast

Pardon me for not rising.

(Ruidiso Cemetery, New Mexico)

Here lies the body of old Jack Clarke

A man with a heart of gold

His money he couldn't take with him,

of this he often told.

But now that jack is gone I suppose it's time to tell

he left no relation

So instead of leaving it to the Government boys ,

he left it to the Cancer Foundation.

(Nowra Cemetery- Jack was a local identity who left a small fortune without declaring an heir)



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