Epitaphs (3)

In Loving Memory Of

April Storm Bohman

Daughter Of Matthew & Tracy Bohman

Loved, wanted, needed, gone, lost, left.

Dreams made forever

Earthly ones dashed, but in eternity

Families can be together forever

(On a child's grave at the Shoalhaven Lawn Cemetery)

Victoria Dawn Worthington

Born 10.1.1996

What the heart has once owned and had it shall never lose.

Forever loved.

(Shoalhaven Lawn Cemetery)

In Loving Memory Of

My Dear Husband


29.7.1910 - 26.11.1994

Loved by his family and friends

"Lay Your treasures up in heaven

Cling to life and see it through

For it cannot last Forever

'I shall die some day' Says You"

Henry Lawson

(Shoalhaven Lawn Cemetery)

"Stranger as you pass me by

As you are so was I,

As I am so you will be

Prepare yourself to follow me"

(Popular epitaph found in many cemeteries)



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