Plaques Materials and Design


In most gardens the plaques are subject to standard dimensions and a standard finish.  However, in some sections other colours & finishes are available.


See Emblems Tab for Motif library

Plaques 180mm X 150mm and larger include a FLAT MOTIF emblem.


Commemorative plaque and headstone inscriptions should

  • Give comfort to those grieving the loss of a partner, relative or friend in the period following the bereavement.
  • Provide a mark of respect and a tribute to the person who has died; and
  • Leave future generations a tangible record of a life lived.

All too often, however, inscriptions are composed in haste resulting in a plaque that says everything about those left behind but very little about the person who has died.

We have transcribed a number of inscriptions that reflect a range of moods- from sad and tragic to whimsical and humorous. Yet all make an individual and heartfelt statement about the person being remembered.

When more examples are needed, you should visit the "Epitaph Browser" website .

If you're facing the task of writing an inscription or epitaph, we hope the pages linked here will give you inspiration.

Of course, if you require assistance with the composition, please don't hesitate to contact us.




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