Chapel Guidelines


The Chapel at the Shoalhaven Memorial Gardens & Lawn Cemetery can comfortably seat up to eighty adults.  There is standing room inside for another 20 to 30 people.

It is possible to cater for larger gatherings by opening the doors and extending seating and standing room under the Chapel’s verandahs.

The Chapel features a full range of multimedia equipment, including a hearing aid loop, public address system and large format plasma screens to display video slide shows. Most modern digital video and audio formats are supported.  Chapel services are recorded and are available for purchase as a USB or DVD by the Applicant through the Shoalhaven Bereavement Services office.  Recordings are deleted from archives 12 months after the date of the service.

Concierge services are provided to assist funeral directors, event organisers and those attending services. First aid trained staff is also available whenever a service is held in the Chapel.

Service and Timing

A 60 minute Chapel booking is managed as follows:

If you are planning a Religious service, Returned Services service, a

media presentation and pieces of music or a number of eulogies

it is sensible to book the Chapel for 90 minutes to allow time for these

items to be completed without undue haste.

Funeral Directors or event organisers

Please time your arrival to 15 minutes before the scheduled service’s start time.

Hearses are permitted to stand on the roadway approaching the Chapel driveway.   

When you arrive please wait until the concierge directs you to the Chapel

Mandatory forms should be handed to the Chapel concierge prior to the service.  

The concierge will also provide induction instructions when necessary.

Vehicle Access to the Chapel

For cremation services the hearse should enter the Chapel driveway from the eastern side.

For burials, when the coffin needs to be transferred from the Chapel to the hearse after the service, it is recommended you enter the Chapel drive-way from the western (Worrigee Road) end.   

Vehicles transporting disabled people are permitted to use the Chapel drive way to set down or pick up passengers only.  Standing or parking of vehicles on the Chapel drive way is not permitted.

 Multimedia and playlist

Digital multimedia files (video & audio) need to be with the concierge before the service.

Please provide media on a USB flash-drive, DVD or CD.

The media playlist, clearly written out with instructions on when each item is to be played, is to be given to the concierge prior to the service.

Special Request

Notification of special requests or special needs requirements must be given to the Bereavement Services’ administration ONE clear working day before the commencement of the service.

External or extra seating

While the concierge will arrange extra seating if required, please let Bereavement Services know in advance if the Chapel's standard seating capacity will be exceeded.

After the service

Your Funeral Director will assist in leaving the Chapel.  A condolence area is available in frons of Reflections Cafe.

Please DO NOT go behind the catafalque curtain once it closes. You should liaise with the concierge and Funeral Director to claim items you want to recover from the coffin. 

The concierge will close the  doors once mourners have left the Chapel so it can be prepared for the following service.


You may wish to arrange for morning or afternoon tea or a light lunch to be served at Reflections Cafe after the service.  Bookings can be arranged by contacting the Bereavement

Services office on 02 4429 5788 or by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



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