The Chapel facilities include comprehensive digital multimedia equipment.  Testing of any audio visual displays prior to the event is highly recommended.  Please call 02 4429 5788 for an appointment to test.

Most digital format media files can be played. Common audio formats include audio CD, mp3, flac, ogg, wma. Supported video formats video mp4, DVD, mpeg2, divx, avi etc..

Our preferred formats are mp4/mp3 saved at 16:9 Aspect Ratio, supplied on a USB flash drive.  NOTE - Do not use PowerPoint presentations as basis for your movie.  There are a variety of video editing programs available which you may wish to use such as MovieMaker or a similar free programs as listed below.

Please note that SPOTIFY sourced music is not able to be played due to Spotify licencing blocks.  If you wish to provide a piece of music you have sourced via Spotify for your service you will need to purchase it and bring it as an mp3 on a USB.

Movies or slideshow presentations are unable to be played through our system directly off a phone these items need to be provided to the Chapel Concierge prior to the service via our OwnCloud facility (please contact us for a link) or on a USB at the service.  (Prior testing is recommended as noted above).

Playback of digital video and audio playback is handled by the Chapel's Concierge. Please read the Chapel Guidelines for more details.

SPECIAL NOTE:  You cannot bring 240 volt electrical equipment to use in the Chapel unless approved by Council in writing prior to the event. A pre-requisite for permission to be considered is that electrical articles are tested and tagged in accordance with current legislation and regulation. Please contact Shoalhaven Bereavement Services for more information.

Make your slideshows 16:9 Aspect Ratio, 720pixels X 576pixels, 25 fps (PAL) and render as mpeg 2 (mpg) or mpeg4 (mp4).



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