Cambewarra Cemetery

West Cambewarra Cemetery

alt  Entrance to West Cambewarra Cemetery  Graves in the Presbyterian Portion


 (AKA Good Dog Creek Cemetery).


Situated off Bangalee Road, West Cambewarra, the cemetery is divided into denominational portions for Catholics, Anglicans, Methodist and Presbyterians. There is also a "General" portion for those of other faiths.

The earliest known burial is from February 1874. However, there are a number of unknown burials in the cemetery that may have occurred earlier.  

In 2007 Shoalhaven City Council approved the allocation of ten graves for the Muslism community.

A part of an unallocated area in the Cemetery has been set aside for "Natural Burials".


 Click here for more information about obtaining a burial licence (reserving a plot) in a Shoalhaven cemetery.

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Cemetery Survey 2008


Download this file (Cambewarra_41-2007.pdf)2008 Survey of the Cemetery[ ]312 kB



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