Numbaa Cemetery

Physical Description

The cemetery can only be approached on foot some 500 metres north of the property 'Meadow Glen'. The cemetery is bounded on three sides by the floodplain and open paddocks. The cemetery is dominated by three large trees; a mature cypress and two native species. Graves are arranged in two sections at the eastern and western ends of the site. Burials date from before 1856. Monuments of note include: 1. Sandstone stellae with ogee arch and rounded shoulders to ? Anderson. 2. An early sandstone table. 3. A stylised double sandstone stellae to Eliza (1867) and James (1866) Gollan. 4. A Gothic marble stellae to Elizabeth Hawker (1859). 5. A sandstone stellae 2 metres high with pilasters and native angels in relief, a crown and scroll pediment with surmount to Alan Robertson. 6. A white marble stelae with ornate shell and floral surmount to Samuel Percival (1883). 7. A fine sandstone stellae with pediment, fluted pilasters over circle motif surmounted by floral motif in relief with angular crockets and matching footstone. Although a Bicentennial Project recorded all buried there on a modern plaque the site is heavily overgrown with Kikuyu grass.

Historical Notes

Old Numbaa Cemetery developed in association with the private township of Numbaa on Alexander Berry's Coolangatta Estate. Burials began pre-1856 when the civil register of Births, Deaths and Marriages was established. Located on the levee bank on the south side of the Shoalhaven River the cemetery survived the disastrous floods of 1862 and 1870 which demolished much of Terara.

Statement of Significance

Old Numbaa cemetery, rare within the Illawarra as a record of early settlement, has historic and social value as evidence of the former private township of Numbaa on the estate of Alexander Berry. Regional significance (Illawarra).

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  • Travel east on Terara Road to rural property no. 441A
  • Take driveway into property
  • Drive straight ahead until you get to the gate.
  • The cemetery is 500m (north) beyond the gate.

 Numbaa entrance

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Numbaa Cemetery


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Numbaa Cemetery from East - the other images here are on the markers at bottom left List of monuments in the cemetery. Map showing monument (grave) locations
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